before it´s Maiden Flight

(above and below)
at it´s Maiden Flight

In 1997 Fischer–Flugmechanik granted a license to Flightship Ground Effect Pty for an 8-seated Ground Effect Craft of the first Generation.

The craft was designed and built at AFD Airfoil Development GmbH. The design is based on the well proven Airfish design, and is intended to be used as a fast over water taxi. Flightship Ground Effect Pty intends to produce this craft under license.

During the development of Airfish–8, it was attempted to receive a classification for this Ground Effect Craft as a ship, which finally led to the success – Airfish–8 is certified now.

As our customer intends to build up his own brand, AFD agreed to rename Airfish–8 into Flightship 8, under which it is going into production and also into public.

In February 2001, AF-8 was successfully demonstrated on the Markermeer in the Netherlands by AFD - it worked off the drawing board.

After having reached the acceptance of the customer, Airfish–8 had been transported to Australia, where final tests will be proceeded.



AFD supported the start up of safe operation in Australia in close cooperation with the Australian authorities, and proofed the safety of the craft with demonstrational operation at high sea states even before the craft had to undergo the necessary sea trials.