A feasibility study by order of the German Ministry of Economics showed, that for the german shipbuilding industry a Ground Effect Craft with certain performances would be in ideal product to be commercialized for the use on the Baltic Sea.

The specification was: Transport 80 Passengers at 180 km/h over a distance of 800 km. Cruise over waves of up to 1,5 m height, and this 30% cheaper than an aircraft.

With significant support by the German Ministry of R&D, Fischer - Flugmechanik designed the Hoverwing – 80, based on the Hoverwing Technology.

In order to proof the theoretical concept, a scaled down version designated Hoverwing–2VT was built and tested

Technical Data

Length 34,6 (m)
Span 31,9 (m)
Cruise Power 1.511 (Kw)
Displacement 30.214 (kg)
Speed 100 Kts
Crew + Passengers 2 + 80 (-)
Permissible wave height for take-off 1,5 (m)
Economic cruise height up to 3 (m)